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Now offering supplemental soccer training for youth soccer players throughout NJ, PA, and DE

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About Us

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NJ Velocity Training offers supplemental development programs to youth soccer players throughout NJ, PA, and DE. Our licensed professional coaches deliver high intensity, small group sessions based on your players needs.

Each program is developed to maximize repetitions in each area of the game. 

Through high intensity, max repetition sessions, each participant will learn what it takes to reach the next level of their game


Grow Your Vision

Compliments club training

We are club neutral. We work hand-in-hand with local clubs to work on individual performance, so clubs can focus on game tactics and team play.

Improves agility, ball control and coordination

We run technical drills and high-speed exercises to get players thinking and using their heads as much as their feet!

Tracks your player's progress

We assess each player and evaluate progress at each session, so you can track your players development.

Boosts confidence and builds conditioning

We coach to inspire players to play at their very best. We work hard to ensure your player is having fun and improving.

Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for the players to advance, grow, and achieve their goals

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