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NJ Velocity Training


Our Velocity Training Academy is a supplemental training program for those looking to improve their overall game and maximize their potential. The Academy program is limited to 32 participants grouped according to their current level to provide the individual attention necessary for growth and development. Our goal is to inspire players to perform at their very best by providing the best possible support and environment as they look to grow and achieve their goals.

Our staff has decades of experience in youth development, garnering players at all levels including collegiate, youth national teams and the professional ranks. 

Our curriculum has been designed and utilized by some of the worlds greatest youth development experts from Academy's across the U.S. and the world. Our staff are committed to being at the forefront of development and share a collective passion for your individual growth.


All players have the choice of participating in one to four seasons

Monday or Friday options available

Ages: 6- 15 years

2024/2025 Season



Winter 1

Winter 2

Mon and Fri, 14 Field Sessions 2/week,   2 Tactical Seminars per season

Junior Training (6-9 Years) 6pm

Senior Training (10-15 Years) 7pm


XL Sports World Cherry Hill

650 Kresson Rd

Cherry Hill NJ





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