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NJ Velocity Training Academy is an individual player development program that takes place in Cherry Hill, NJ. It is a break away from traditional soccer programs as it is not club affiliated. Each player has the opportunity to sign up for 8 week or 36 week sessions.

There simply is not enough emphasis on technical development at the younger age-groups. This program is dedicated to focusing on each individual players' technical development. It is not a team environment in the sense that players are not assigned to rosters.

The idea is to guarantee that every player takes their game to another level. This is ensured through applying a style of training that is unique and exciting. The training program benefits from many years of experience within the game at all levels in England and the USA and is endorsed by English Premier League coaches

NJ Velocity Training was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making technically sound soccer players. 

The curriculum is developed by certified professional coaches. The training involves creating innovative fast tempo drills focusing on speed of thought enabling players to increase their speed of play within a disciplined structured training environment. 

You can expect to see results from in your child's level of play instantly. We are confident that each and every one of the players will become stronger soccer players and perform technical exercises with precision and a high level of execution.

ex professional soccer player Alan Smith coaching for NJ Velocity
indoor 7v7 turf soccer field
technical soccer class
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