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This section will provide you with an insight to the different programs we offer. We are proud to offer a clear pathway for our players. The aim of NJ Velocity is to develop quick thinking, intelligent and technically and tactically astute players, who wish to pursue a competitive soccer path. Our programs are delivered in a positive, developmental environment. Each program has been created based on a comprehensive syllabus, developed by renowned coaches across the United States and United Kingdom

NJ Velocity believes in a innovative, pragmatic and effective approach to player development. We strive to provide our players with the most competitive environment.​​

"We want to separate ourselves from the traditional soccer programs and enable NJ Velocity to offer a  tailored approach to  player development, creating a true pathway for all players to achieve their specific goals. Players will practice to our carefully designed  syllabus ,which includes an innovative style of coaching  known as 'The Velocity Way', which has been proven to produce players who compete at the highest level, whether collegiate or professional" 

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